Website Analysis

After we’ve taken a diligent look at your current SEO rankings and those of your competitors, it’s time to analyze the performance of your web property.

Is your website search engine friendly?
Search Engine Companies have a long list of best practices, and it’s best to comply with all of them – but in our experience, most businesses are either unaware of or poorly executing 99% of them.
We make sure your basic online foundation is solid, and this website analysis ensures that every aspect of your website is working for greater ROI.

Is your website user-friendly?
While focusing on how favorably your site is viewed by search spiders/bots, we’ll also make sure your users are enjoying the site visually as well. We’ll check out your website’s layout, ensure that all links are working properly and direct to the right places, and in general make the user experience is as pleasant as possible for higher conversions.